My 4 tips to climb in League of Legends Ranked

Climbing in Ranked can be a difficult and especially frustrating experience. No matter how good you play yourself, you can not choose your teammates. I myself have long been able to complete the climb from Silver and leave the plebs behind me. Here you already have the 4 tricks I have applied to improve my ranked performance.

  1. Find the playing style and champion that suits you

With more than 130 champions, League of Legends offers enough options for every player and playing style. So before you get to your climb in Ranked, it is recommended to try out as many champions as possible (in Normals !!) and search for the style of play that you like the most. Do you like to control the game from a distance, do you prefer to play in the battle as an unchaste tank or would you rather help your teammates and try to win the game that way? In the case you need cheap ranked boost.

  1. Always maintain a positive attitude

Even though it does not always seem that way, everyone wants to win in League of Legends. The way in which you can make the difference. Start every game with a positive attitude. Do not try to type too much in chat and keep your comments to yourself. Your teammate will know if he has made a mistake. Nobody benefits when you start arguing amongst each other. When another player starts to flaunt you or is just annoying, you simply mute him. In this way you do not have to pay any unnecessary attention, do not get distracted and you can focus on winning the game.

  1. Dodge games

You’ve certainly experienced the following situation: Champion Select is not over yet, but you still feel that the game has already been lost in advance. Someone was fired in the support role, the toplaner is planning to troll and feed because his yasuo is banned, mid and jungle are already bickering and your team composition is composed entirely of attack damage based champions (Full AD).

  1. Camping / sniping

This is a bit of a nasty and unsportsmanlike, yet very effective way to win games as a jungler. You look up the players from the other team and look at their match history. You look for the lane whose opponent is working on a losing streak. Chances are that he is on tilt and therefore less focused on the game, rapper his team will flamen, give up, … All things that will benefit your victory.