FIFA 20 Game Modes

FIFA 20 has come up with some new game modes to increase the interest of FIFA lovers. Fans are much excited about these modes and are waiting desperately to play them. However, some of the modes in FIFA 20 are same as they were in FIFA 19.

Like FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA Career and a few more modes that are present in FIFA 19 will also be the part of the upcoming FIFA 20 game. But there are some new modes like VOLTA football that is surely going to be worth experiencing.

FIFA 20 Modes list

FIFA 20 is not out yet, but there are some new and same game modes revealed by the officials. So we have made a list of all those game modes that you will be able to play in the upcoming FIFA edition.

  1. FIFA Ultimate Team
  2. Skill Games
  3. Pro Clubs
  4. Co-op Seasons
  5. Tournaments
  6. Career Mode
  7. VOLTA Football
  8. Kick-Off
  9. Practice Arena
  10. Online Seasons
  11. UEFA Champions League
  12. Online Friendlies

VOLTA Football is the highly anticipated Mode in the upcoming FIFA 20. But what is VOLTA football? To answer this question, I have made a comprehensive guide on the new Mode that will let you know each and everything about the VOLTA Football.

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What is VOLTA football?

VOLTA Football is street soccer. It is the street version of the game where you will be able to experience the culture, style, rule, and many more things just like a street soccer event.

Volta is a Portuguese word that means “to return.” So Volta Football means that it will bring back the old style of playing soccer. Just like some other modes in the game, this Mode will also authorize the player to customize his team.

Now coming to the gameplay of the VOLTA football, the player will be able to play on small location with different rules. This Mode is quite different in comparison to tradition football.

Unlike traditional football, you will not be able to play a 11v11 player match. Instead of 11v11 game, the player will be allowed to player 3v3, 4v4, and a 5v5 matches.

Furthermore, VOLTA football will include various sub-modes to play. There will be a VOLTA Kick-off, VOLTA World, VOLTA Story, and VOLTA league.

In the Kick-off mode, you will be able to choose your team as well as the opponent team, and you will also be able to select the location of your choice.

In VOLTA World, the player will create his own team by playing various single-player matches in the game. The opponent squad will be generated by the community in a different location and format. After defeating the opponent, the player will be given the option to select any player from the opponent team and create his own squad.

You may experience some new skill moves, animations and many other things in VOLTA football. This Mode has increased the excitement level of the FIFA lover, and I also want to experience this new Mode.

Other Modes

If you have ever played FIFA in the past, then you must be familiar with various other modes including FIFA Ultimate Team, Champions league, career mode and some other.

Unlike the VOLTA Football, these Modes contain a 11v11 game in which you will see the original stuff. By original, I mean that all the teams, stadium, kits and other things that are part of real-life international football.

Although the theme and features of all these Modes can be different, yet the gameplay will be almost the same. In the FIFA Ultimate Team Mode, the player will be granted the option to create his own team and customize the team according to his will.

The customization process of Ultimate Team might be the same as in VOLTA football. While the career mode is among the oldest Mode in the FIFA gaming series, in this Mode, you play the game like a real-life career and manage your team to achieve high success during various events.

There are various Tournament modes also available in the game. These tournaments include international and domestics tournament from all over the world. There will be multiples league in the FIFA 20 game. But we have to wait to enjoy all the stuff.