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Who Invented Golf?

Well, who really did invent golf? The issue continues to be requested and contended for several years without any true champion. Many countries possess a valid claim a great game that resembles golf. A few of the countries which make this claim are England. Scotland, China, Rome, France, Holland, Belgium […]

The Earth’s Top 6 Courses

Golf is among the most widely used pastimes on the planet. There’s such numerous courses on nearly every continent, that it’s not easy to understand which of them to experience at. This short article analyzes six of the greatest courses on the planet. St. Andrews St. Andrews is possibly the […]

Golfing Techniques And Tips

During the program it’s important for that player to unwind and concentrate on targets, and considering swinging mechanics ought to be prevented. This is among the most significant golfing techniques and tips. Persistence is essential while studying the golfing technique. The gamer should visit the range and exercise your swing […]